Fåq / Hälp

I can’t play your videos

  • Hope someone posts a toaster version.
    I do not have the time or storage space to make hard subs myself.

Extra subtitle tracks? What?

  • Extra subtitle tracks so you can turn off insert lyrics. They do get distracting sometimes.
  • Some episodes have an extra joke track.
  • For Kyoryuger, there is a track to have Voltasaur Team instead of Dinocharge Squad because I went overboard with scrubbing/typesetting.

I can’t download from Mega

  • Try installing the Mega browser extension
  • Sometimes downloads might get stuck at something like 95%.
    Maybe I ran out of bandwidth for the day.  Try again tomorrow.
  • Pray somebody posts a direct download (DDL) mirror.
  • Try downloading the subtitle file instead.
    Download the raws from bunnyhat.
    Rename the files so they have the same name.
  • You came back the next day and Mega is still broken.
    Leave a comment and I’ll re-upload it.
  • I might set up torrents afterwards.
    No guarantee, I have very tiny bandwidth, insufficient to really handle torrent hosting.

I found an error

Speak up and post a comment.  Typo correction is greatly appreciated.

Will you do (X)?


4 comments on “Fåq / Hälp

  1. I found a few typos/errors throughout Go-Busters (peppered throughout 1-19 so far). They’re very minor, though. I haven’t been keeping track, but I will from 20 onwards and go back to the first 19 episodes when I’m done.

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