9 comments on “Rumble Squadron Boukenger – DVD Tasks 1 & 2

  1. Thanks for subbing this. It’s one of my favourites!

    I remember hearing that there was going to be an HD re-airing of Boukenger, what ever happened to that? Or is that lower quality than the DVDs?

    • I’ve read that the HD re-airing has a lower bitrate than the DVDs. So yes, lower quality. There are closed captions so somebody could fix these subs up further.

  2. The idea was that people don’t talk about themselves in the third person in English. It sounds natural in Japanese in a cutesy way, but in English it’s an odd thing.

  3. Watching episode 1 right now.

    “I wasn’t a thief! I was a treasure hunter!”

    …Holy crap, Masumi’s basically Locke from Final Fantasy VI, isn’t he? Just with less dead girlfriends. …I think. I don’t know much about Boukenger.

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