One comment on “They’re Back! Special Ops Cell Go-Busters vs Bestial Battery Go-Busters

  1. I have some potential requests for you to consider while your contemplating your next project:

    1. Super Hero Wars and Super Hero Wars Z in Blu-Ray. I guess these could fall under the category of Gokaiger /Gobuster movies?

    2. Bunny Hat released a while ago a “Masked Rider THE MOVIE” blu ray raws, which includes movies for a lot of the Showa era (V3, X, Super-1, Black, etc.) I know m-subs did the 5 riders vs King Dark, Century Kings did the Black Movies, Megaanon did Kamen Rider World, and there are HK subs on nyaa for the movies from the original series, v3, and x up on nyaa. So there are scripts & subs out there for a majority of them that could be fixed up…

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