6 comments on “Special Ops Cell Go-Busters Blu-Ray Vol 1

      • You sure? This is the line I see – “Saba? This isn’t the Caribbean, pal!” This is from the Gobuster 01 v2 .ass script I grabbed from MEGA. The original had a fish joke in it. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. You guys applying these scripts to blu-ray is cool.

        • The line is unchanged from overtime’s script. In hindsight, “Aint” should be used over “isn’t” because Yoko is not too bright.

  1. I am so sorry to cause confusion. Apparently, long time ago there was a Portuguese fansub group that was doing Go-buster blu-rays also. Well, they did release episode one at least. And they included Over-Time’s scripts timed to the blu-rays along with their own Portuguese translations so the episodes had 2 subtitle tracks inside. Anyways, it was in that script where I saw the fish joke line about saba mackerel. I guess Over-Time revised their Go-buster scripts with the Caribbean line before they put out the complete batch. I’m very sorry.

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