5 comments on “Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle

  1. Hi,

    This is amazing. Thank you! Thank you for doing this.
    I do have one question. Will you be doing torrents? Or at the least batch torrents ever so often?

  2. A couple other bits of trivia to help you:
    -The three that killed Dagon seem to have a weird connection regarding Earth and mystical powers. MagiKing obviously is a magical Sentai mecha (and tied to the Magiranger); while GingaiOh is mystical and bound to the power of “Earth”. As for Five Robo, that is a mech made for fighting on “Earth”, since the Fiveman are Earthlings born on another world.
    -Contaminiser obviously is the main villain of Go-Onger, a vehicle Sentai; thus obviously why it, RV Robo and Turbo Robo dealt with it.
    -Tideiser is basically a “civil servant” sent to clean up the mess of the previous Gaiark invaders; and the three that kill it, Victory Robo, Goggle Robo and Sun Vulcan Robo are all associated with “civil service/NGOs”. Victory Robo and Sun Vulcan Robo are obvious but Goggle Robo being there I think has double meaning: first it nearly shares the name of GoGoFive; plus its team is basically the protectors of a science think-tank who, during the end game, deal with a powerful energy that both brings hope and threatens the world. (its the same reason why Goggle V is used in the first Gokai Change of Go-Busters vs Gokaiger; both they and Timeranger had “energy management” issues in their runs and, of course, Go-Busters’ primary mission is Enertron protection)

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